Family Model Provider

Natalio Luna



2618 Timberland Dr,
Nashville, TN 37217


ECF, younger male, ambulatory, semi-independent.


Natalio has experience supervising and providing activities in a mentoring relationship. He wants to expand this to include providing a home for someone who wants the attention and caring that he can provide.

Hobbies & Interests

Natalio has 3 dogs in his home; mixed breeds and a pit bull. He enjoys playing with them, taking them on walks and to the park, and training them. He likes to go fishing when he can, and be outside enjoying seasonal activities.

My Home

Natalio shares his townhome with a roommate. It is a 3-bedroom townhome with 2 levels. It is located in a very nice area near Antioch, close to golf courses and parks. He is within walking distance of a number of recreational areas, and within 1 mile of shopping, grocers, and health care facilities.

My Family

Natalio is close to his family, and spends time with his cousin, who will be his backup. He has no children.