In Home Behavioral Support Program

What We Do

Group Effort provides in-home behavior services to help families and those caring for disabled or aging loved ones and change and manage ongoing behavioral challenges. Your loved ones are taught coping strategies, interpersonal skills, and self-control in the home environment. We use a family-centered assessment approach to help our behavior specialists, establish a rapport with the aging or disabled adults and their families, and  collaborate with each family to develop a customized behavior support plan. Families are full-time participants in ensuring that their loved ones consistently follow the behavior management plan to achieve the desired results.

The toughest lessons learned on the journey to individual/family wellness usually are experienced along the way; even the most prepared families cannot predict what lies in their future. We provide in-home individual/family therapy to help family members solve family problems, improve communication, handle and understand special family situations (for instance, adolescent issues, severe mental or physical illness, death and create a prosperous, functioning home environment). In-home  family therapy at the Group Effort is  founded on the belief that the best place to solve conflicts is within the confines of the family’s home environment.

At  Group Effort  of  Tennessee, we firmly believe that every person has a right to lead a dignified and fulfilling life regardless of his/her age, mental or physical disabilities. To attain great results for our customers, we have partnered with experienced psychiatrists in Tennessee who will assess your loved one’s mental health. Upon request, we can link your loved one to a psychiatry center for counseling services. We also offer 24/7 cross-systems planning and response to improve the effectiveness and experience of services provided to families or adults with addiction or mental health crises.

Who We Serve

We work together with adults up to the age of 21 years and their families to create meaningful relationships that build functional homes. Our home-based therapists also help people with intellectual and ID/DD developmental disabilities who want to experience independent living while still accessing support services they need daily. We encourage families to be active participants by ensuring that their loved ones follow the prescribed home-based behavior plan consistently and track improvements or changes to achieve the desired results.

How Long are Typical Visits

We understand that when people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live with their loved ones, it can be challenging and rewarding experience.

That’s why we assign our Behavior Analyst (BA) to work with your loved ones 4-8 hours daily, up to seven days a week. Additional days and hours will be allocated on a case by case base. We develop all our support schedules subject to the member’s family availability.

Our experienced BA will conduct weekly visits to track improvements or changes of the member. Upon getting these results, our therapists will schedule individual and family therapy based on their availability and needs.

The BA will conduct weekly visit.

The therapist will schedule family and individual therapy based on need and the family’s availability.

Where Are Services Performed

We are committed to offering innovative behavioral support programs that help members receive the care they require in their community or the comfort of their own homes.

How Our Process Works

The Group Effort of Tennessee team includes executive leadership, trained behavioral therapists, and behavioral support specialists, all equipped to offer support to your loved ones. To be enrolled as a behavior therapist, you must have attained a master level degree in mental health. A behavior therapist’s role is to develop a create a treatment plan, and assign a behavior analyst. After the analysis, we will assign a behavior support specialist who will work with the member for an authorized period, and later a therapist will conduct individual and family therapy.

Based on the need, the therapist may link your loved to a psychiatry services provider for further counseling. We collaborate with MCO’s Integrated Support Coordination team to bring in-home support to your loved ones in Tennessee.

Our Team Requirements

Qualifications and Experience of Our Staff Behavior Support Specialists

To make sure that we deliver quality services, we expect our behavior support specialists to meet the following minimum requirements; a bachelor’s degree in an equivalent field with one year experience or associate degree in a similar field with three years’ experience or five years’ experience with additional competency-based training.

Master Level Behavior Support Specialist

Similarly, the senior behavior support specialist must have a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis (BA) or master MSN (with BH background). Besides, he/she must be able to complete family-centered assessments, offer support and supervision to the junior behavior specialists, develop a behavior support plan, and provide oversight/guidance for crisis response.

Master Level Clinician

The ideal candidate must possess both LCSW and LPC-MHSP qualifications. The clinician will be responsible for developing the master treatment plan, offering individual and family therapy, and providing guidance to the BSS and BA. Also, he/she must be available to assist during crisis response.


The psychiatrist offers timely access to care including to intervene or prevent in crisis (as required.