Providing Compassionate and Respectful Care for the Elderly and Adults with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities

Want to be one of our Family Model Providers?

Self Management

Staff work with members to help them learn to manage everyday tasks and life skills on their own.

Employment Training

Members are given skill-building opportunities to develop confidence and to gain successful employment.

Education & Peer Support

Member support is focused on Adult Education, Wellness, and Community Resources.


Struggling to find the right care options for an aging or disabled loved one?

Finding the right care solution for an aging or disabled family member can be overwhelming. Understanding the different options can be frustrating and time consuming.

You may have a lot of unanswered questions, like should you look for a full-time or part-time solution? Would it be best to have someone come to your home or to move your loved one into a facility? Perhaps neither of those options are the best answer. Maybe your family member would benefit from more independence, but isn’t able to live completely on their own.

Our Services

What we do

At Group Effort of Tennessee, we understand the complexities of caring for individuals with special needs. We work with families everyday to find the absolute best care for each individual. Our support services range from day-to-day, 24/7 care in your home, in the community or even with another family unit.

At Group Effort of Tennessee, we believe every person should have an opportunity to live a meaningful and full life regardless of their physical or intellectual limitations. That’s why we have chosen to offer a diverse set of services for adults, age 18 or older, that focuses on providing care that respects the dignity of each individual and their right to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Group Effort offers both private pay and insurance options as well as special government program (DIDD) payment options for certain service categories. You can learn a little about our range of services below or head straight to our Services page for a more in depth description of all our options.

Family Model

We meet with each family for a face-to-face evaluation where our staff will assess the needs and goals of the individual.

In-Home Behavioral Support

Group Effort of Tennessee is proud to offer a Family Based Care Solution

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation

Supporting individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses as active and productive members of their communities.

Out-Patient Counseling Services

The Center offers four centers to meet the skill set and developmental needs of each member as well as group and individual therapy support.


Our Professional Caregivers Have BIG HEARTS!

Group Effort’s caring support staff meets with every family face-to-face to evaluate the needs of the elderly or disabled person and the needs of the family. We will discuss care options and goals and then create a customized care plan specifically fitting your loved one.

We take pride in our team of caregivers and we won’t hire just anyone. Every caregiver candidate must pass through a background check and complete a full training program. The most important factor in choosing our caregivers is their genuine desire to make a true and meaningful difference in the lives of our clients.

“I’ve been a Group Effort client for nearly a year. I have so much more freedom now than before and I really enjoy the food and that I get to go to church. The Group Effort caregivers are great.”

~ Ryan B.
Group Effort Client